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Curriculum for June 2020 Testing

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Watercolor Brush 6

Semester Curriculum >> document

Form: Toi-Gye  >> video

Toi-Gye (with instruction) >> video

Toi-Gye (written)  >> document

Taekwondo translates to "Hand Foot Art" and is a traditional Korean style of Martial Arts known for its dynamic kicks. The Chang-Hun style patterns were written by General Choi who is considered the founder of Taekwondo. This semester we are studying the Toi-Gye pattern. The diagram of this pattern represents "scholar", and Toi-Gye is the pen name of the noted scholar Yi-Hwang (16th century AD), an authority on neo-Confuscianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on 37 degrees latitude.


Watercolor Brush 14

Semester Curriculum >> document

Thai Boxing 6 Counts

 (1) L Kick / Cross / Hook / R Elbow / R Knee / R Kick >> video

 (2) L Kick / Cross / L Elbow / R Elbow / R Knee / R Kick >> video

 (3) L Kick / R Knee #2 / L Elbow / R Elbow / L Elbow / R Kick >> video

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the cultural martial art of Thailand. The origin of Muay Thai can be traced back as far as the Khmer Empire, and is inextricably linked to the striking arts that emerged from it.  Muay Thai as well as other Southeast Asian boxing styles developed as a form of close-combat fighting using the entire body as a weapon, and are renown for their powerful strikes and devastating kicks.


Watercolor Brush 9

Semester Curriculum >> document

Single Stick: Forehand Kilap >> video + video

Single Stick: Backhand Kilap >> video + video

Stick & Dagger: 7 Count >> video

Choke Defense  >> video

Filipino Martial Arts make use of weapons such as single stick, double stick, knives, swords, projectiles and flexible weapons. These weapons take precedence in Filipino systems and act as a "force multiplier" to give practitioners an edge in combat.


Silat emerged from the former Majapahit Kingdom which existed from 1293 to around 1500, and today similar styles are found in the countries that once made up this kingdom. Maphilindo Silat is regarded as Guro Dan Inosanto’s personal combat system, and was first organized in the early 80s by Leo Gaje, Eddie Jafri and Guro Dan Inosanto. The word Maphilindo is combination of 'Ma' – Malaysia, 'Phil' – Philippines and 'Indo' – Indonesia. 


Watercolor Brush 15

Semester Curriculum >> document

6 Count 'cheat sheet' >> document

All 6 Counts >> video

I I I >> video        I I B >> video       I B B >> video       I B I >> video

B I I >> video      B B I >> video      B I B >> video      B B B >> video

By looking at every strike as either a forehand or a backhand we can experiment with how to get to each strike efficiently and effectively. There are 4096 variations if you consider the other two variables of low line strike versus high line strike and on-side (right hand initiate) versus off-side (left hand initiate).



Flexible weapon fun!

May 12, 2020
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 8.28.30 AM.png

Toi-Gye and TKD forms discussion.

May 11, 2020

Working Inosanto double stick combos.

May 7, 2020

Thai striking + double stick work.

May 6, 2020

Thai Combos & choke defense class.

April 29, 2020

New Semester work began today!

April 27, 2020

Dos Manos

April 22, 2020

Tactical Tuesday

April 21, 2020

Boxing Combo Breakdown

April 20, 2020

H K E Finishes

April 15, 2020

Weapons Carry & Weapons Draw

April 14, 2020

Wrist Escape & Sambut

April 13, 2020

Boxing Combos & Wrist Escape

April 6, 2020

Boxing Combos

March 26, 2020 pm

Stick & Dagger

March 26, 2020 am
IMG_2275 3.jpg

Stick & Dagger + Sambut

March 25, 2020
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