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Rank Curriculum

White Curriculum

White Belt represents the beginner student with no previous knowledge of Martial Arts. We believe it is a very exciting time in a Martial Artist’s journey and one that is important to continually return back to. Approaching a task with a beginner’s mind means we are open to all possibilities, and we are not focused on preconceived notions or perceived limitations.

Yellow Curriculum

The colors of each Martial Artist's belt tells a story of life, growth and development. The Yellow Belt signifies the earth from which a Martial Artist's skills sprout and takes root. The strength of this foundation is what will support your growth throughout your Martial Arts journey.

Orange Curriculum

Orange Belt signifies the rising sun as it lights the way for the Martial Artist's journey. Each student's path is unique and will include many successes and many setbacks. The rising sun symbolizes the growing strength and brightening light in the student.

Green Curriculum

Like the seedling, Green Belt indicates that a student has reached a point of notable growth. With each passing day, his or her strength and skill increases, and this 'plant of knowledge' grows inside the Martial Artist. Through attentive care and the passage of time, what started as a seedling can grow into a strong, majestic oak.

Purple Curriculum

Purple Belt represents the evening sky. It signifies a student transitioning into a more advanced stage of understanding, training and development.

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