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History of Inayan Eskrima

Our first seminar topic covers the history of Inayan System of Eskrima and the men who influenced it.

The Inayan System of Eskrima (ISE) is called a system because it encompasses more than one style of the Eskrima arts. Developed by Mangisursuro Mike Inay to promote, preserve and propagate Filipino Martial Arts, Inayan Eskrima is a diverse martial art that includes stick, knife and hand-to-hand applications of defense.

“The Inayan System of Eskrima and its practitioners are guided by a strict code of conduct that holds Eskrimadors to the following values: honor, respect, veracity, justice, loyalty, discipline, rule and conduct .”

Watch our very first Seminar to find out more about the history and tradition that shaped the Inayan System of Eskrima.

History of Seminar

Seminar time is borrowed from the Ashtanga yoga tradition. After Sunday's practice in Mysore, India Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, affectionately called "Guruji" would spend time with students discussing yoga's history and philosophy. We enjoy the opportunity to spend time with our students and continue this Ashtanga tradition.


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