Welcome to our at home study program! We are currently facing challenges that might not allow us to be at the studio with our training partners and friends as much as usual.  This challenge presents us with an exciting opportunity to grow as Martial Artists. Not only will we continue to progress in knowledge and skill, we will learn to push ourselves -- a tool that is fundamental to achieving our goals. In addition to discovering our self motivation, we are also excited that this opportunity can allow parents to train with their children and families to train and grow together.

A couple of notes regarding at home training:

  • You might need to modify the exercises and drills to fit your space, your equipment and/or your skill level. Have fun and get creative when something doesn't feel like it's working for you. 

  • Schedule your day. We get the most out of ourselves and our day when we have a game plan. Here's a sample schedule that we love.   SCHEDULE

  • Do what you can to eliminate distractions and create a space conducive to achieving your goals. Turn the TV off, silence your phone and tune in to yourself.

New videos and challenges will be posted regularly, so check back daily! Bookmark this page so it's easy to access, or add a shortcut to it on your phone.

Stay in Touch

Hopefully our training modules help you develop a better understanding of Martial Arts AND spark your curiosity. Reach out to us when you have a question, we love the discussing our opinions and hearing yours. We also want to hear what you think about our training modules and how you are progressing with your at home training. Send us an update here or via social media. You can find us on Facebook (@dvmafit) and Instagram (@dvmafit).

Thursday, August 13th

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Youth Curriculum

Like any school, we work in semesters. Our current semester began in February and will take us to April 2020. Here are a couple of the skills we have and will be focusing on this semester: 

  • Competition Taekwondo skills: how to generate power in our forms, and how to put together successful combinations in sparring.

  • Sambuts (meaning "to fail") from the Indonesian Martial Art called Silat. These teach us what to do when a lock does not work the first time.

  • Taekwondo kicks build agility, balance and coordination. We're focusing specifically on spin kicks this semester, and they build these attributes in overdrive!

  • Taekwondo patterns are perfect for solo training. You can see all the Chang-Hon style patterns that we teach with the link below. We'll also have some online courses that focus specifically how to practice and perfect your pattern.

Daily Home Study

Taekwondo Combinations

We want to start by working some of our Taekwondo combinations. Some of you will specifically have a combo listed in your curriculum, but everyone will benefit by practicing these short combinations. Get creative — combinations can be practiced with a partner, on a focus pad, in the air, down your hallway, in your backyard and thousands of other ways. We would love to see what you come up with! Share pics or videos of your home practice with us and our martial arts community. We love seeing them and it keeps everyone motivated and connected while we are not getting together for our workouts.

Home Study  #2

Today we have a drill for kids to work, and one for our adults and teens to play. Adults -- there is minimal equipment needed, but this is a chance for you to get creative. Kali is an art from the Philippines that uses sticks in its training and combative application because of their effectiveness but also their practicality -- sticks are everywhere!


Play along and then share with us your progress (and your bloopers)!

Mr. Kylan's Workout Challenge

Check out Mr. Ky's workout challenge, and see if you can complete it with him today!

10 push ups

10 sit ups

10 punching jacks

10 squats

10 jump squats

30 seconds plank

Or practice your knife agility skills with Mr. Vincent. Whichever workout you choose today, get moving and share your progress with us! Show us what you are working on through Facebook, Instagram or through the links above!

Home Study  #4

Check out Mr. Ky's kick challenge, and see if you can complete it with him today!

10 leg swings

10 front kicks

10 round kicks

10 side kicks

10 hook kicks

30 crescent kicks

Or start your day off with the Daily Dozen -- the 12 stretches we feel like are the most important stretches you can do every day.

Youth Curriculum

Today join us for one of these classes to work your specific curriculum for the April Belt Test! We're still figuring out the details for the April Belt Test (currently scheduled for April 8th & 9th). We would love to be back in the studio at that time, but have to wait and see. This one might be a one-on-one virtual test with one of our instructors through FaceTime or Zoom. We'll have more information out soon!

Home Study #6

We have a couple options for you today on how to get moving with our Instructors from DVMAFit. Choose what best fits you or try them all!


Video 1 is especially for our little guys: join Mr. Charlie for a jog, but watch out for that bear!

Video 2: Work the finer points of a spin crescent kick with Mr. Ky and Mr. Charlie.

Video 3: Build strength in your kicks. Follow along with Mrs. Sarah for this at home kick challenge.

Home Study #8

Welcome back to ninjaBR!

Video 1: Mr. Kylan has three different kick drills to practice with you today. Follow along to build balance, explosive power and control in your kicks.

Video 2: The Davis bothers -- Mr. Micah, Mr. Dominick and Mr. Ashton -- have a special workout for Junior Black Belts. 

Video 3: Mr. Charlie has a workout for our littlest of ninjas. Play along with him and his supercute ninja assistant!

Seize the Day!

Today is one of my favorite home study days! Check out these great videos we have with you from our ninja instructors, and let us know what you want to see more of!

Video 1: The Davises are back at it! This time they are showing you what you are REALLY practicing every time you do your form. This is with Hwa-Rang pattern -- watch the video and see how you can apply this idea in whatever pattern you are working on.

Video 2: Ms. Elena and Mr. Tom are leading us through a full body ninja workout today! Follow along as Mr. Tom shows you the correct way to do a push up ;)

Video 3: This last video is for Little Dragons specifically. Practice with Mr. Vincent as he breaks down all of the Little Dragon curriculum.

Home Study #10

Today is one of my favorite home study days! Check out these great videos we have with you from our ninja instructors, and let us know what you want to see more of!

Video 1: Mr. Kylan is sharing his top training secrets to build explosive kicks. Workout with him today!

Video 2: Mr. Charlie is playing his favorite Little Dragon games that build balance, coordination and focus. Play along with him today!


We hope you enjoy another day of training tricks and tips with our instructors!

Video 1: Mr. Vincent is working a single stick drill called Kadena Royale or "The Royal Necklace" referring to the ruby necklace left after your slice with the sword. Feel free to say "Off with your head!" as you practice today.

Video 2: Ms. Elena and Mr. Tom are playing "Ninja Freeze"! Watch them and then try your own game.

Words to Know

Martial Artists are not only masters of action but also masters of their mind. It's important to not only know how to kick and punch, but also a little about where it came from and why. Here's some of the words that we use in class when training and where they came from.

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